A path toward peaceful mind and emotions

through healing your body, regulating your nervous system, and connecting with the elements of nature . . .

Ele-Mental Health

Anxiety. Burnout. Chronic stress. Depression.

Do any of these describe how you are feeling within yourself? How long has that been true for you? In recent years? For most of your life? Do you remember (or have you ever even experienced within yourself) what it feels like to be peaceful in your mind and emotions, fully comfortable and present in your body, connected with your spirit? Or are you feeling like these feelings will never end, there's no real solution, and that you will never be truly connected with yourSelf?

True change in these experiences relies on

body, mind and spirit all being involved in the healing!

There are many common conditions in the physical body that either contribute to or cause mental and emotional unrest. From chronic inflammation to nutrient deficiencies to hormonal imbalances, the body and mind are very much connected, and when one is not fully well, neither will be the other. These causes must be addressed in order to bring us to a balanced and peaceful Self.

On the level of mind and emotions, we have the many stresses and traumas that we have taken on, both in our present and in our past, and in our concerns for the future. These experiences are most often the determinants of how much time our nervous system spends in 'fight, flight, freeze or fawn' mode. We must learn to and practice re-training our nervous system into 'rest and digest' mode in order to bring us to a balanced and peaceful Self in the midst of all that is around us and within us that can push us out of our centre.

On the level of spirit, we can feel disconnected from something larger than ourselves. This can go by many names, of course. Source, Creator, God, the Universe. This connection gives us access to a flow of energy and perspective that supports our movement into being a whole Self. One way that we can find or re-establish this connection, bringing us to a balanced and peaceful Self, is through a deepening relationship with Nature and understanding ourselves to be of Nature rather than apart from it. This helps our spirit to remain grounded in our human being-ness in this Earthly existence we are sharing, so that we can fully manifest our purpose in this lifetime.

Are you ready to begin (or continue) your path toward mastering a peaceful and balanced mind and emotions and fully inhabiting your body so that you can flourish?

Dedicate time and attention to yourself, commit to you and the evolution of your mind and emotions by diving deeply into your whole Self.

Imagine being calm, with relaxed muscles, your mind is in the present, you are setting strong intentions and boundaries, you are sleeping well and feeling rested, your body is telling you what it needs and you are giving that to it, you are living from your heart with purpose, each day flows well, and when unexpected things arise, you calmly make the adjustments necessary. This sounds like a dream, right? Guess what?! We have the power to bring ourselves to this place!

Ele-Mental Health is the road map to guide you through and support your healing.

Ele-Mental Health is a 12-week program designed to support you on all levels as you walk the path to a peaceful mind and fully embodied spirit. The program allows you to choose any or all of these options:

  • Online experiential learning, giving you practical ways to support your own mental/emotional balance through body, mind and spirit

  • Health coaching to support and guide you step-by-step to implement new learning and practices

  • One-on-one naturopathic consultation (individualised assessment, functional testing and treatment) to identify and address the specific causes of your mental/emotional unrest

  • In-depth work with natural medicines, energetic medicines, nutrition, mindset, self-regulation and personal/lifestyle habits

The next intake for Ele-Mental Health starts on 27 March 2024!

If you are interested in joining the program, please use the button below to join the waiting list, and you will receive an email with more information on joining soon!

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