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Continuing Education: Naturopathic Roots Immersion Day Retreat

Join a small group of naturopathic practitioners in the Adelaide Hills on 18 February 2024 for this immersive experience in our naturopathic tradition. If you're feeling like you've drifted too far from the vitalistic foundations of naturopathic medicine or are pondering what it really means to be a naturopath in the world today, you will find a place to reconnect with the heart of our medicine and with your peers during this day out of time at the beautiful Trees of Trenance estate.

Continuing Education: Naturopathic Hydrotherapy

Connect with the roots of naturopathic medicine and learn to harness the vast healing power of water in this in-depth course on naturopathic hydrotherapy. Designed for qualified naturopaths, this training will provide you practical ways to help your patients in true alignment with traditional naturopathic philosophy, using treatments individualised to each patient’s needs and innately harnessing the Healing Power of Nature within each person.


Naturopathic hydrotherapy . . .

  • Retrains the nervous system into parasympathetic dominance,

  • Increases vitality and strengthens/tonifies organ systems,

  • Improves digestion, assimilation, detoxification and elimination,

  • Improves sleep, deepens and slows breathing and reduces blood pressure,

  • Puts patients into connection with nature and the healing and cleansing power of water, and

  • Reconnects patients to their bodies and themselves.

In economic times such as these, when folks may have challenges with the cost of supplements and herbs, naturopathic hydrotherapy is accessible to your patients with little or no cost.


I am excited to offer this course to the Australian naturopathic community, to revive this powerful modality that has been all but lost to Australian naturopathy in the past 20 years. This course is available to practicing naturopaths (BHSc, or AdvDip level if attained prior to 2019) and naturopathic students in their final year of degree-level study.


The two-part course includes an online theory component and a two-day hands-on practical training component in Adelaide. The online course, which can be taken up on its own, provides sufficient foundation and learning to allow you to incorporate an array of naturopathic hydrotherapy prescriptions into your treatment plans. The hands-on training will allow an increased depth of learning, as well as confidence-building for treatments to be applied by the practitioner in office, specialised facilities or outdoor locations. Plus, we’ll have a blast practicing these therapies on ourselves and each other!

“Kate has an immeasurable amount of knowledge, wisdom and kindness mixed in with her teachings on natural medicine and associated therapies. And during this hydrotherapy course it was nothing short of all that. I found the theory interesting and easy to follow, and the practical days very much a treat. I can certainly see potential healing power in this therapy and cannot wait to help my clients to use some of these methods.” ~Shandi Fredericks

To join in on the conversation about naturopathic hydrotherapy, naturopathic practitioners and students can join the Australian Naturopathic Hydrotherapy Facebook group anytime.

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For practitioners seeking additional supervision or mentoring on complex cases, as well as those seeking to avoid burnout through further development of internal emotional capacities, self-care and self-regulation as a practitioner, I offer mentoring/practitioner coaching sessions on my weekly calendar. Mentoring support is $30 for 30 minutes, feel free to book two 30-minute sessions together if you are needing an hour. Appointments can be either in person or online, please choose the desired option when you book your time.

"Dr Kate Broderick is one of the most compassionate and supportive mentors and practitioners I have ever met and had the pleasure of working with. Kate is very supportive of clients, practitioners and further education. For practitioners wanting mentoring in clinical practice, she provides an educated and empowering further education with her vast knowledge in naturopathic care. I highly recommend working with her, I appreciate her invaluable support and guidance over the years." ~Laura Howell

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