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If you are experiencing anxiety, burnout, chronic stress or depression, I am here to support you. Or if you want to explore more about what is causing your current lack of mental and emotional peace, that can also be a gateway to support (hint: many of us don’t even realise that we are anxious or chronically stressed, as it is so ‘normal’ for us, and has been going on for a lifetime, so we don’t know that things can be different, better). What the support I provide ultimately looks like can be up to you, so please check out all the options under How to Work With Me.

Based on my experience, you will tend to get the most out of working with me one-on-one if you are:

  • Tired of feeling tired, overwhelmed, worried, over-responsible, fearful, angry, bitter, hopeless or sad,

  • Highly sensitive, empathic or hypervigilant in relation to the world around you, causing an inability to connect with your core Self through all the ‘static’,

  • Curious about how the human bodymind works and seeking empowerment and knowledge to increase your own health,

  • Open to exploring the connection between the body (physical symptoms or conditions) and the mind (emotions, thought patterns, things in the subconscious that motivate or shape us and our relationship to others and the world),

  • Feeling a pull to deepen your connection with nature,

  • Experiencing various types of dis-ease (lack of wellness) for an extended period of time in your body,

  • Open to feel some connection to an energy, force or being larger than yourself, whatever you might call that (and even if it’s only occasionally), and

  • Committed to knowing and healing Self on all levels, and committed to the path of change and growth.

Even if all of these don’t describe you right now, I encourage you to sit with yourself and consider whether a holistic approach to your wellbeing of mind and emotions, in connection with body and spirit, might be calling you.


Do you frequently find yourself in repetitive thought patterns or mental overwhelm?


Do you feel how your emotions or thoughts are connected to your body’s symptoms, such as digestive disturbances, insomnia, frequent illness, or pain?


Do you want to develop a sense of self-governance of mind, emotions and body?


Do you feel stuck in a cycle of habits, circumstances or lifestyle that you know are reducing your level of mental and physical wellbeing, but you don’t feel the power or motivation to stop that cycle?


Where would you like to go with your life? It’s easy to start down the path here and move at your own pace!


Check out the options on the How to Work With Me page, and if it feels like a fit, dive in (or dip your toes in the water), and choose a first step.

If you are unsure where to start, but you know you want to, book a free 15 minute call with me so I can help you figure out the best first step for you.

We acknowledge and honour the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land on which we live and work, the Peramangk people. We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, traditions and culture of Country. Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be Aboriginal land.


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