One-on-One Consultation & Coaching

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Spring Detox and Immune Tune-up Program

Registration deadline 10 October!

Feeling end of winter sluggishness or heaviness? Is your body struggling to recover from all the various lurgies that have been making the rounds?  

Come and join my three-part, six-week program to move forward with more vitality, lightness and ease in life’s current challenges. This program is designed to help you gently clear accumulated toxins from your system whilst reducing your exposures, followed by supportive approaches for increasing resilience and strength of the immune system.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine consultations include individualised, holistic assessment of your mental and physical health, treatment recommendations and herbal and other prescriptions aimed to address your condition from its root causes. This type of one-on-one consultation is best suited to those with chronic health conditions or long-term symptoms/concerns that have not been resolved through other approaches. Naturopathic care for chronic illness most often involves regular visits over time, as well as changes to the ways in which you support your own health on a daily basis, in order to holistically and comprehensively address the causes of illness and allow the bodymind to return to health.

In the consultation process, I will:

  • Meet you where you are, truly understand and hear your experience of your illness,

  • Explore the potential causes of your illness, such as food intolerances, nutrient deficiencies, environmental toxicities, genetic factors, microbiome imbalance, and mental/emotional patterns,

  • Design your naturopathic treatment plan to address your mental and physical health at the pace and depth you choose, and with your financial parameters in mind

  • Ask you to commit to a step-wise approach for finding

    causes of illness, moving back to health and preventing future illness

One-on-one consultation is a bespoke service, so you can start, pause, stop or restart at anytime. Visits are available either in person or via video call (with in person strongly preferred for at least the initial visit). Please note when you book your appointment if you would like the online option. Naturopathic consultation can be done hand-in-hand with coaching (see below) for maximal one-on-one support.

Naturopathic medicine, initial visit (1.5 hours): $195

Naturopathic medicine, follow up visits (45 minutes to 1 hour): $120

Acute care/brief visits (established patients only, 30 minutes): $75

Dispensary costs (herbs, supplements and other remedies) are separate from the visit fee. If these prices are not feasible for you, please email to discuss a sliding scale fee. If costs are a concern, I will work with you to keep product prescription to a minimum.

Health Coaching

Coaching sessions are designed to allow you to receive support on aspects of your health that you are working on. This can be support in implementing a treatment plan after a naturopathic consultation, individualised support to navigate your options for different types of healthcare and healing, or working through places where you feel 'stuck' in making the life changes you intend for yourself and your health.

These sessions do not include case assessment or therapeutic prescription. They provide guidance, stimulate thinking and seeing from different perspectives, and can help you to understand what obstacles may be getting in the way of your healing.

When used in combination with naturopathic consultation, you are gaining a coaching partner who knows your health condition and situation in detail already. Otherwise, you are gaining a health coaching partner who has natural health training and experience far beyond most other health coaches.

General health coaching (30 minutes): $60

Nutritional coaching (60 minutes): $100 (diet diary must be completed prior to visit and dietary changes may be recommended)

Visits are available either in person or via video call. Please note when you book your appointment if you would like the online option.

Payment for all services is due at time of visit unless prior arrangements have been made.

Direct transfer or cash are preferred methods of payment. A 2% fee will be added for all EFTPOS payments.

We acknowledge and honour the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land on which we live and work, the Peramangk people. We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, traditions and culture of Country. Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be Aboriginal land.


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