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Naturopathy: Deep Healing at the Cause of Illness

Anam Chara Natural Health, the practice of Dr Kate Broderick, BSc, JD, DNM, Dip Acu, offers Naturopathic treatment of chronic illness, as well as preventative care, to allow you to deeply heal. Anam Chara Natural Health is located in Meadows in the Adelaide Hills.


Kate’s intention is to shift the focus of healthcare from disease and symptom management to the cultivation of true and lasting wellness of body, mind and spirit, and to help empower each of us to create and maintain our own good health and high quality of life, minimising or eliminating the need for pharmaceutical medications or other conventional interventions.


Whether you have current health issues that are limiting your quality of life, or you are basically healthy and want to learn how you can feel even better and optimise your wellness over the long-term, we invite you to check out what we have to offer.


You can contact us for more information or to book an appointment at,

0420 829 524 or on our Facebook page.


With blessings and great peace,

Anam Chara Natural Health