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Transform your health

through synergy with nature

Are you ready to dive deeply into the aspects of you that are getting in the way of your optimum wellness?

Are you ready to understand your body, mind and spirit in a more integrated and meaningful way?

Are you ready to take up your own personal power in relation to your health and well being?

I help seekers like you...

to heal, grow and evolve into your highest self

One-on-One Treatment

Consultation and treatment with Dr Kate includes holistic assessment of your health condition and prescription of a variety of therapeutics, ranging from custom herbal medicine formulas, naturopathic hydrotherapy, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, flower essences and homeopathy.

If you have tried other approaches that have not led you to your desired health outcomes, or if you need assistance with focusing in on what is causing you to feel or be unwell, then consultation will put your healing journey on the right track and help it stay there!

More details can be found on our Services page.


and Community

Support your healing with self-paced, experiential learning that envisions you as the whole, self-governing and free being that you want to be. Courses are designed for self-exploration and growth with Dr Kate as a guide and you as a full participant in your path to health. Here you will also find a community of seekers, a place to be vulnerable, yet safe, in your healing journey.

If you get overwhelmed by the life and habit changes that are needed to move into a healthier way of being and feeling better within yourself, or if group support along a shared path will help you, then our courses are powerful back-up for your self-care!

More details can be found on our Courses page.

Apothecary Shop

Shop in-person or online for a wide range of health-supportive custom tea blends, bulk teas, teaware, and other wellness products. Make small changes in lifestyle and watch those add up to big changes in well being. We love to chat with shoppers about all things health at our brick-and-mortar shop as well!

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