If you are running on empty,

overwhelmed, anxious or disconnected

from peace, joy and ‘being’ in your life,

find natural, holistic support and solutions here

Do you experience Anxiety, Burnout,

Chronic Stress or Depression?

I call these the ABCD’s, the most common mental health concerns I see. I help people who are experiencing one or more of these ABCD’s to achieve a more peaceful, empowered and vitalised Self. We do this together by identifying and addressing the root causes, and guess what . . .

It's not all in your head!

Most folks know that mental/emotional patterns and chronic stress can cause physical symptoms. Did you know that it also works the other way? Problems in the body can cause or worsen anxiety, burnout, chronic stress and depression! It can be a really frustrating loop, commonly involving fatigue, digestive issues, sleep problems, hormonal/menopausal symptoms, high blood pressure, blood sugar issues, pain and inflammation on top of the mental/emotional distress.

How can a naturopath help with mental health?

I work with and support you to shift into a more peaceful and empowered place within your mind/emotions. This also allows you more comfort and energy in your body, so that you can live the life you're meant to live! My work with you combines traditional naturopathic medicine with modern functional medicine and trauma-informed care. What does that mean? It means that I work to understand your full story and experience. I prescribe herbal medicines, energy medicines, and naturopathic hydrotherapy, and provide diet, lifestyle and mindset/self-regulation coaching. I also use modern pathology and genomic testing and nutrient supplementation.

Of course, we always also have old emotional wounds/traumas, cultural or family pressures, and general life stressors contributing to the big picture. These past experiences impact both the body and the mind. Working in a safe therapeutic space on those experiences and releasing or learning tools for managing them is important.

Are you dipping your toes into the mind-body health approach for the first time? Or are you ready to take a deep dive and really explore all the potential causes of your mental/emotional distress? The path is yours to choose. I welcome you to explore and get to know what I have to offer. Please reach out with any questions you have about the best way for you to get started.

If you want to know more about how our physical body and daily behaviours can be vital keys to (or causes of) our mental and emotional health concerns, check out my Free Starter Kit! As you learn more about how the body and mind are connected, you'll begin to understand the huge power you have over your mental and emotional wellness!

Meet Dr Kate

Dr Kate Broderick, BSc, JD, DNM, Dip Acu

anam chara: Gaelic,

soul friend;

trusted counsellor,

teacher or guide

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