Services & Costs

Naturopathy provides patients a different type of care than conventional medicine, due in large part to the longer visits that naturopaths have with their patients. These longer visits allow for naturopaths to get to know you well, develop a long-term healing partnership and understand the complete picture of your personal health and quality of life concerns in a holistic way, increasing your satisfaction with your care.


Because Kate has a vision of allowing naturopathy to be accessible to people of all income levels, she has chosen to adopt a sliding scale fee system, which is described below.


Appointment Fees—effective 10 January 2020


First naturopathic visit, ~1.5 hours: $140

Follow-up naturopathic visits, 45-60 minutes: $105

Nutritional consultation/diet planning only, 60 minutes: $90

         Note: diet diary must be completed prior to visit

Acute care visits, e.g., colds, flu, other infections or short-term conditions, 25 minutes: $60

Brief naturopathic follow-up visit (in person, by phone or email), 15 minutes: $30

Brief follow-up by phone or email, less than 5 minutes: NO CHARGE

Dispensary costs (herbs, supplements and other remedies) are separate from the visit fee.

A 1.9% fee is added on all invoices that are paid by EFTPOS. There is no fee for cash or payments by direct transfer.


Sliding Scale Fees and First Visit Payment Plan

Kate offers a sliding scale and payment plan to all patients as a way to help make services more accessible to all and to demonstrate a commitment to building a supportive and inclusive healing community. It is your decision whether to utilise the sliding scale and payment plan options. We will never ask how much money you make or ask you to provide proof of income, because we know there are many financial considerations that go into determining how much you can afford to pay. Instead, we invite patients to honestly assess what they can afford to pay whilst acknowledging the value of Kate’s services and time.


First visit: a payment plan allows you to pay 1/2 of the visit cost on the day of the visit and the other 1/2 within a fortnight. No sliding scale is offered for the first naturopathic visit.


Follow-up visits: if you are unable to afford the full fee for follow-up visits, we ask that you assess what you can afford to pay and discuss that with Kate. The minimum sliding scale fee for a visit is $40, and you may request a fee anywhere between that and the full visit fee as stated above.


Dispensary items: if you are having difficulty with affording medicines from the dispensary, Kate can work with you on a treatment plan that maximises use of diet and lifestyle interventions and minimises use of products. Additionally, a 5% discount on products is available for those with significant financial constraints.

As multiple visits are generally required to address significant health concerns, if you find with the above concessions that you are still unable financially to attend consultations, we suggest checking out Kate's Empowered Natural Health online program, which is a year-long journey supporting you to improve your health and well being and entails a one-time fee with no additional costs or products required and is offered on a 'pay what you can' basis.