About Naturopathy

At its core, naturopathy is what medicine was historically, before drugs and surgery became the conventional ways of treating illness. Whilst drugs and surgery are very useful and effective in life threatening or other very serious illnesses or injuries, in chronic or less serious illnesses, which generally are at least in part created by our diet and lifestyle, drugs and surgery most often do little to actually help a patient heal. In fact, quite often they can get in the way of the true healing process or even create new health problems in the form of side effects. In contrast, naturopathy works with the body’s own inherent healing capacity, supporting the body’s natural tendency to move toward a state of health when it is given the right tools and circumstances to do so.


What does a naturopath do to help you heal?


  • Naturopaths work first to find the root causes of your illness or lack of well being and to guide you in removing those causes. Once the root cause has been addressed, the body’s natural healing capacity can function to bring the body, mind, and spirit back into balance and health in most cases. Without eliminating the root cause, true healing cannot occur.

  • Naturopaths use therapies that strengthen, support, and encourage your body’s natural healing capacities and functions.

  • Naturopaths teach you about how all the different aspects of a person’s diet, lifestyle and daily habits can work to either support or get in the way of true wellness of body, mind and spirit.

  • Naturopaths avoid using therapies that simply suppress symptoms of disease, but instead consider symptoms to be evidence of the body’s natural healing responses, which will abate when the body, mind and spirit return to balance.

  • Naturopaths build healing partnerships with their patients, treating you as a unique individual and addressing all of your various health concerns in a holistic way.


What types of therapies can you expect to address your health concerns?


  • Counselling and education on nutrition/diet (with a focus on whole foods), movement and flexibility, hydration, reduction of toxic exposures, and other daily habits that are important to creating wellness

  • Custom herbal medicine formulas

  • Homeopathy, tissue salts and flower essences

  • Supplemental nutrients

  • Coaching to support behaviour change

  • Recommendations for self-administered therapies at home, such as water therapies, dry skin brushing, breathing exercises, or castor oil packs, to support healing and detoxification and to stimulate balance in body systems

  • Referral to other types of providers as needed, such as psychologists, myotherapists, remedial massage therapists, or chiropractors, or to your GP or a specialist, if indicated.